Seven Deadly Sins: Book Tag

While I wasn’t tagged to do anything, I thought this would be a fun blog post! While I do plan on doing plenty of review on my blog, I’d also like to do tags, book hauls, monthly TBRs, and more! If there are any other tags/book challenges you’d like me to do (even if I’m not technically being tagged) just let me know!

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Hello book blogging world!

This is my very first book blog post! I’m very excited to be joining to book community on the internet. I’ve been following the book blog/booktube community for several months now and reading books for much longer. When I discovered that there was a community online just for people who loved books, I fell in love! I enjoy reading and I’m so happy to find people with similar interests I can discuss books and my opinions on books with.

On this blog, I’ll be doing everything from book reviews, tags, discussions, challenges, etc. You can find more information about my favorite books and genres in the link menu at the top of my blog. I’m so excited to start my book blogging journey!