Review Policy

I will only be (for now) reviewing YA novels.

I will review all genres. If you have a specific question about a genre/book for me to review, please ask and I’ll let you know!

I give my complete, honest opinion on all books. I will rate all books on a 1-5 star scale and give reasons why I liked/disliked the book. I list both pros and cons. I will not trash a book or an author ever, but if I give a book 1-2 stars, I will be listing the reasons I did not enjoy it. If I give a book 1-2 stars, it doesn’t mean that I dislike the author or won’t read anything else by them. I just has issues with the book.

5 Stars – YES! I absolutely loved this book. There might have been a few off details, but nothing that could keep me from giving it below 5 stars. A 5 star book is a book I would love to read again, even the next day.

4 stars – I loved this book, but there were a few details I could not overlook. I would still enjoy re-reading this book and I think there are so many great parts, but again, a few details that I couldn’t overlook led me to not giving it a full 5 stars.

3 stars – Neutral, average. I liked this book, but there are also parts that I disliked. I can’t say that I loved this book, but I did enjoy parts of it. Something was off – whether it be plot, writing style, character depth/development, etc, that led me to not enjoying it as much as a 4 star book.

2 stars – I did not enjoy this book. While there may have been potential in the plot, characters, etc, it did not reach my exceptions and I can say I more than likely would not read this book again or recommend it.

1 star – If I rate a book 1 star, I do not recommend this book. There are holes in the plot, characters, writing, or all that I can not get past. I did not enjoy this book and I would not re-read it.

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